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Eight Reasons Your Business Should Be A Purple Star Partner

 You Can’t Beat Free!

It’s not every day a not-for profit agency approaches you and doesn’t ask for money! Take advantage of this rare opportunity for a partnership that benefits your organization and doesn’t cost you a dime! (Don’t get us wrong…we will happily take a monetary donation.  We will even give you more partnership perks if you write a check, but it’s not required!)



Free Shout Outs and More!

Free advertising is always a great thing! Let us shout from the rooftops about your business. We want to promote you on social media, our website, in the news, and any other way we can! Our partnership strengthens when your business thrives. Let us help you spread the word!



Free Stuff!

If free advertising isn’t enough we want to give all of our Purple Star Partners even more free stuff!  Partnering with us gives you access to sample workplace domestic violence policies, a guide for supervisors, and information on how to recognize the signs of domestic violence.




Free Training for Your Employees!

Have you noticed we still aren’t asking for money? Martha’s House is happy to offer all of our Purple Star Partners training for their employees, supervisors, directors, or stakeholders.  You guessed it, that training is provided at no cost to you! Training can be tailored to your group to meet your needs, address specific issues, or just give an overview of how domestic violence can impact the workplace and the resources that are available.



Free Community Recognition!

We want everyone to know you are with us in the fight against domestic violence in Okeechobee.  Becoming a Purple Star Partner instantly shows you take a stand to make our community stronger and healthier. You won’t find an easier way to support our community and gain helpful resources for your business at the same time.



Show it Off!

Along with all of the other free things your business gets by being a Purple Star Partner, we will also throw in a nifty decal to place in your window showing your support.  Don’t like decals on your window? We’ll give you a certificate to hang in your business. Guess what…we’ll give you both (for free of course)!



You’ll be the first we contact!

If you’ve made it this far down the list we know you are committed to supporting an important cause in our community, the fight to end domestic violence.  We want to make sure you have all the information first. You’ll be in the first group we reach out to for upcoming programs, more resources, fun events, and sponsorship opportunities.



You are truly a strong community partner!

Any free resources your business can get is great but we know how valuable partnerships are.  Joining our team as a Purple Star Partner puts you ahead of the pack. Teaming up with us shows your support to the community while helping Martha’s House raise awareness as we work to empower survivors of domestic violence.  Partnering with us to rise up against domestic violence could be the most valuable reason for becoming a purple star partner there is.




If your business is ready to become a Purple Star Partner give us a call at 863-763-2893 or email us at info@marthashouse.org.  We will be happy to meet with you to review the benefits of the partnership.  To see a list of our current Purple Star Partners click here. 

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