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Laugh, Love, & Live

Martha’s House presents a Comedy Game Show & Dinner… Save the Date!


To purchase a sponsorship, contact Jonathan Bean at (863) 763-2893


Dear Friends of Martha’s House,

Just a few short months ago, a young woman and her toddler son were found

waiting on the front porch of our outreach office, when we arrived to open the office that morning. The young woman had been pinned down by her abuser and beaten in front of her small child. She was hurt, terrified, and broken-hearted, with nowhere to go.

We took her in immediately, and fed her and her sweet little boy. We sheltered them, and helped them to buy a new cellphone, and to arrange and pay for transportation out of state, so that she could return home to her grandmother and mother, who were eagerly awaiting the safe return of the two of them.

This could not have been done without support from you and our community.

We are a not for profit which provides services to victims of domestic

Violence. We rely heavily on the generosity of our community to keep our operation running, and to continue being able to help those in need.

On November 10th, 2018 we will be holding our 6th Annual Laugh, Love and Live

Event. This consists of dinner, a live comedy game show, and both live and silent auctions.

In order for our event to succeed we need your help. We will be holding an auction. Would you consider providing an item or service you would be proud to have represent your company?

Please consider being a part of our largest fundraiser of the year.

All of the participants, their children, and the staff here at Martha’s House cannot thank you enough for your help!

Warmest Wishes from,

All of us at Martha’s House

Martha’s House is a local independent 501c3 corporation, FL Charitable Organization CH4222